Benefits of our SF Group Training

Have you heard about SF Group Training? 

The SF concept is simple yet super effective to help you attain your goals! SF group training is exclusive, yet inclusive. The sessions are coached by personal trainers and programmed to be scalable based on your fitness level. Beginners can walk in and get a great workout from any session, or more experienced athletes can push their capacity by doing the same workout with higher reps, faster movements and/or heavier weights. 

To burn fat and have a lean body, you need both cardio (aerobic) exercise and resistance (strength) training. Strength training increases the rate at which your body burns fat, while cardio uses fat as an energy source to propel your physical activity.

Therefore SF sessions include functional movements combined with components of strength, cardio, agility and classic high-intensity training. The program changes each time you enter the studio, therefore you will never get bored and will always be challenged. 


Benefits of HIIT Training:

No matter what fitness level you are, HIIT training is a great addition to your fitness routine, whether you are looking to get fitter, stronger, loose weight or even improve your mental health! 

Not only are our H.I.I.T functional training classes efficient for those with a busy schedule, but they are also effective! 

You’ll target fat stores, without losing muscle, you’ll feel and look younger with H.I.I.T training stimulating the production of Human Growth Hormone during the 24 hours after you finish your workout! You’ll see an increase in your fitness and strength with just 4 weeks of consistent sessions around 3 times a week! 

You set your goal! Whether you just want to move your body to stay active, you want to be stronger, increase your stamina and endurance or lose weight and tone your muscles – H.I.I.T has something for you where you can scale the workout as you constantly progress towards your goals!


How many times should you do HIIT training for results? 

It’s great to get 2 – 4 H.I.I.T training sessions in a week when you want to see results in the gym, but it is equally important to make sure you don’t overtrain and hinder your results or increase your risk of obtaining an injury. 

 Like anything in life, the optimal training routine has balance. If you are training H.I.I.T, you should also be incorporating some lower intensity training days like resistance training or low impact classes like Stretch. This gives your body time to recover, and if you keep moving on the days when you’re not training H.I.I.T, you’ll notice that you’ll recover faster too!


Did you know?

At Strand Fitness we have SF30, SF45 & SF60 sessions available at all 3 locations. Come and see us at reception to find out how you can experience the benefits of SF Training.


author: Marketing Strand