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Benefits of Yoga for Your Workout Routine

Yoga has scientifically shown to be beneficial for our physical and emotional health. The list of yoga’s benefits is uncountable, that’s why we decided to list some of the most impressive benefits that you can gain from adding yoga regularly to your workout routine.

Some studies describe that doing yoga for one hour a week over a period of 10 weeks decreases levels of stress and anxiety and increases your quality of life. Read further about more reasons why you should add yoga to your routine!


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Yoga relieves stress

Research shows the importance of a healthy lifestyle and even the World-Health-Organisation changed their definition of well being and added mental health. Many other scientific reports underline the importance of mental health – and this is where yoga has a solution. It reduces stress through controlled breathing and meditation. How? Due to regular yoga sessions, the stress hormone cortisol regulates itself better. As a result, we are less stressed and a lot healthier.

Say Goodbye to feeling fatigue

No words needed for this one, Yoga is ideal to concentrate on our body, stretch and recognise our ourselves again.

Yoga benefits you with every step you take

The more you practice yoga, the better and/or higher the benefits!

Yoga relieves Neck Pain & Headaches 

With millions of patients dealing with headaches all around the globe, researchers found that yoga was successfully decreasing pain. Further research connects this result to lower stress due to yoga sessions. However it happens, Yoga seems to be able to help us live with less pain and stress!

Yoga for a better Sleep Quality

One research focused on the relationship between sleep quality and regular yoga practice (twice a week over a time period of 10 weeks). Results showed longer sleep, reduced depression, anxiety, anger and stress levels.

Increased Flexibility

Also to previously listed benefits of yoga, every single session is – of course – also a workout. Through the movements, flexibility increases and your muscles will be stronger and more toned.

Injury Prevention

Yoga is an ideal complement to any other activity. Adding at least one yoga session a week will not only benefit from the previous 7 points but also prevent injuries. As a safeguard against injuries, yoga eliminates nagging aches and pains and addresses restoring and balancing your body.  

Research has shown us that yoga practice can impact multiple systems such as our mental health or pain levels positively. Especially breathing exercises, calming techniques and the use of physical postures increase our healthy and happy well-being.

While most of us may believe that yoga is mind-body medicine, to all others: Science says so. Do you believe it or would like to give it a try? Have a look at the Yoga Hub Townsville‘s timetables (CBD / North Shore), talk to our reception at either of our locations (CBD / North Shore) and check our VIP lifestyle membership option, including yoga and many other wellness options for you. 


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