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~~ Yoga Reset ~~

Yoga Reset is a class at a deliberate pace to reset your mind and body. We’ll explore a variety of tools to stretch, strengthen and twist, including breath and core work, vinyasa (flow), balance work, and mindfulness strategies. You will be holding poses a bit longer to build flexibility and strengt...


Welcome to the team – Rachel Winter

We would love to welcome our new PT Rachel to our team! Rachel recently started helping our members at North Shore to achieve their goals. Our book worm and travel addict is now ready to take on new clients, find out more about her here:  I am passionate about helping people live healthy and active...


Welcome to The Haven

Welcome to the Haven. The Haven is Strand Fitness’ latest edition to the full wellness experience. Read further and find out more about the benefits and how to get started. The Haven has it all, sleep pods, massage chairs and calming music to put you into your most relaxed state. Especially to...