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EVOLT 360 Body Composition Analyser

You may have noticed a strange looking set of scales in our Reception area. Well, it’s more than a set of scales, it’s our EVOLT 360 Body Composition Analyser.


Evolt – the intelligent body scanner

The Evolt 360 Ecosystem consists of a body composition analyser, which utilises an eight electrode multifrequency segmental analysis known as Biometrical Impedance Analysis.

The Evolt 360 uses a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It is considered the fastest, non-invasive method of screening total body composition.

Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) works by passing a safe, low intensity electrical current through the body via the feet and hands. In very basic terms, the resistance to flow of the current determines the difference between muscle mass, fat mass (including visceral and subcutaneous), water and mineral.


In 60 seconds, the Evolt 360 gives users a unique experience and a full report of their body composition.

Get access to over 40 different measuring parameters such as Skeletal Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Bone Mineral Content, Protein, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat Levels and Segmental Analysis, B.M.R and Total Energy Expenditure​, Age Match to Body (fitness age) and much much more!


How do I get a body composition scan?

You can get yourself a Evolt body composition scan at both our locations at CBD and North Shore. Just come in and visit reception or send us a message to make a booking!

You can also have a look at the official Evolt website or ask our friendly staff for more information about how it all works.



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author: Donna Hartley