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Strand Fitness Group Training

Here at Strand Fitness we offer a wide range of Group Fitness classes and Group Training options to suit you and your goals!

Our ranges cover all your bases from H.I.I.T Group Training workouts, Low impact, Mobility work, Boxing, Aqua Aerobics, 50s Plus friendly classes and Group Fitness Classes!


Please note, attendance to all Group Training and Creche Sessions  must be booked via our Club Fit management system or spot is not ensured.


PLEASE NOTE: Group Training and Creche Sessions are booked services. If you have not booked, your place will not be guaranteed. 

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Group Fitness in Townsville

At Strand Fitness, our group fitness in Townsville will increase your strength, heart health, and balance by providing fun fitness activities. Our approachable, friendly staff will fully support you on your path to fitness and well-being.


We design our group fitness training to make your gym sessions effective, productive and enjoyable. Group fitness classes offered here in Townsville are a way to work out with your friends or colleagues, giving each other the support you need to achieve your fitness goals. Our strength training group fitness classes – SF 30, 45 and 60 combine intense anaerobic energy bursts followed by strength training and are very popular.


There are considerable advantages to joining our small group fitness classes, which include H.I.I.T., boxing, Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Les Mills, 50s Plus and more:   

  • Boxing can drastically increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy muscle mass increase and burn many calories.
  • During H.I.I.T. sessions, you’ll do short but intense bouts of high-intensity activity, forcing the heart to work harder and gain strength.
  • You’ll love the range of facilities we provide at all our clubs, and you can find us in the Townsville City CBD, Burdell and Garbutt.


Our staff is standing by to assist you in choosing a group fitness class to suit your goals.