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Welcome to SF45

SF45 equals the ultimate time-efficient workout that covers all your bases in Group Training. Enjoy the ease of being guided and motivated by our friendly coaches, meeting like minded people and training a variety of cardio, strength or metabolic conditioning focused programmes. 

Our Programming Focus

Our programming is designed to meet you at your fitness level and allow you to constantly see progression. We use a range of functional style movements that will help improve all aspects of life from ease of movement, support performance, and your overall health and wellbeing.

We rotate our workout focus from week to week and keep each class different so you can get a range of workout focuses and programming no matter the days you can make class.

Build Strength

You’ll build strength in SF45 with workouts focusing on smaller rep ranges and heavier loads. You’ll build functional strength through compound movements like squats, cleans, push jerks and more.

Our movements are easy for anyone to learn with the complexity kept simple. You’ll be guided through strength movements with tips on form and progression.

Improve your Conditioning

Our programming also included cardio focused workouts to improve your conditioning and aerobic conditioning. These will focus on getting your heart-rate up whether its with cardio equipment or a fast paced workout. 

Metabolic Conditioning

Improve your overall performance with metabolic conditioning. In these workouts we mix strength and endurance, getting your heart-rate up and conditioning you to perform under fatigue. These workouts have a range of health benefits like improved heart health, sleep, ageing and overall health and well-being. You’ll find your fitness improve where you’ll be able to perform under fatigue.

Book your spot at one of our three locations:

PLEASE NOTE: Group Training and Creche Sessions are booked services. If you have not booked, your place will not be guaranteed. 

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