Benefits of Guided Meditation

Have you ever considered meditation? 

It might surprise you that meditation not only can have a huge impact on your mental health with even physical changes to your brain but it is also easier than you might think.
Meditation can be easier with a guided session to keep you focused. Often it will start with deep breathing and focus on your breath. Then you will focus on a technique for the session – such as simply labelling thoughts or feeling when your mind wanders from its focus, or even visualising 🧐

Techniques used in Meditation:

There are many techniques that can even be used together and there is no time limit! You will probably find it easier to start small with even 3 minutes and build up time from there, don’t forget to be kind to yourself as you train your brain, you probably wont be able to hold your focus for an hour long your first time just like you probably wont be able to life 100kg your first day of training.

It is training the brain:

It is essentially training of the mind, and with the more you train it, the stronger it will be! You will be able to let go of negative thoughts, handle stressful situations easier, sleep better, increase focus on other tasks and improve your overall wellbeing as you take even 5 minutes a day to check in with you!

Main Benefits Include:

  • It can retrain your brain from a negative state of mind or to break bad habits
  • It increased your Serotonin Levels
  • You’ll learn to be present
  • Help you handle anger
  • You will be able to sleep better
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced stress that will help reduce inflammation
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improved memory
  • Prevents Burnout
  • Promotes Mindful Eating
  • Eases loneliness
  • Helps you focus
  • Mindfulness
Try one of our guided mediation classes, or even try it on your own in our sleep pods or massage chairs!

author: Marketing Strand