It’s Getting Hot In Here: Saunas

Ahhh, the sweet sound of summertime is finally here! With the sunshine, warm weather, and longer days, it’s no wonder why summer is so eagerly anticipated. But just as important as soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors is taking the time to relax and recover.

At Strand Fitness, we offer the perfect retreat to do just that. Whether you’re looking to recover after a tough workout session or just looking to unwind, our saunas provide the perfect atmosphere to hit the reset button. Our infrared sauna works to relax your muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy circulation. The hot coal saunas help to detoxify the body and can even improve your skin’s texture. And our steam room works to open your airways, reduce stress, and clear your skin.

So this summer, take the time you need to recover and relax. Come to Strand Fitness and enjoy our saunas and take in the summer vibes!

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author: Jason Godwin