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We are Open!

Date: Thursday, 11th June 2020

To: All Past, Present and Future Members

From: Strand Fitness Group Management

Subject: Statement No 4 – COVID-19

Dear Strand Fitness Group Community,

WOW what a crazy couple of weeks, so much has happened and changes have come at us all left, right and centre! Some great news for Strand Fitness, however was the approval of the Fitness Industry COVID Safe plan which enabled us  to be able to allow more than 20 people within our Clubs at any one time.

Moreover, this also allows us to offer our Group Fitness classes and creche services too! It is fantastic to see so many of our members coming back in and starting to get back into their training routine again. On behalf of the entire Strand Team;

‘it’s awesome to see you all again’.

So, with all the constant changes we thought it would be useful to provide you with a list of UPDATED Frequently Asked Questions, see below;

What COVID Safe Plans are in place? STRAND FITNESS FAQs


  • No towel, No train policy– staff will be requesting to see your towel upon arrival
  • Next, ALL patrons and visitors are to fill out a COVID waiver upon entry at every visit
  • In addition, there is Increased Hospital grade disinfectant spray bottles and paper towel around gym floor
  • Next, supply of hand sanitiser throughout gym and at reception and appropriate Hygiene stations
  • Along with that is the removal of ALL communal Yoga/stretch mats (please supply your own personal mat if required)
  • Additionally, increased equipment cleaning (weights, machines, cardio & any other equipment) – warm soapy water followed by disinfectant
  • Booking system for classes and creche
  • Along with this regarding locker keys – we will no longer be supplying locker keys
  • Water bubblers will no longer be available – please bring own water
  • We will be vigilant in disinfecting ALL shared incidental equipment such as, but not limited to:
      • Pens
      • Eftpos machines
      • Clip boards
      • Rails
      • Door handles
      • Lift buttons
      • Tablets/iPads

Strand Fitness FAQs – WHAT YOU CAN DO:

  • Complete waiver upon entry (each visit)
  • Be sure to pre-book classes and/or creche (no booking required for gym and cardio areas)
  • Bring a towel and use it on ALL equipment
  • Use the supplied disinfectant spray bottle supplied and wipe both PRIOR and POST equipment use such as, but not limited to:
      • Dumbbells
      • Barbells
      • Cable machine and accessories
      • Cardio equipment
      • Pull-up bars/rig
      • Kettle bells
      • Wall balls


  • Do not share water bottle, stretch mats and/or towels with any other participant
  • Do not use the showers.
  • Carry hand sanitiser (where possible) and use to ensure your hands are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes, and ensure you wash your hands afterwards.
  • Follow all directions and medical recommendations, as advised by the Federal and State Governments, to contain the spread of the virus.
  • Follow entry and exit requirements
  • Adhere to 1.5m social distancing requirements
  • If you are feeling unwell (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath), please cancel your booking.
  • If you have been overseas in the last 14 days or had contact to some one infected with Corona Virus, please cancel your booking.
  • Let us know if you have concerns about any other member/participants showing symptoms of being ill
  • Please be courteous and patient with all staff and fellow patrons in these forever changes times.

Do I have to book every time I want to use the gym?

Not anymore, now that we have our Industry Specific COVID Safe plan in place, and being a large venue you can enjoy the freedom of coming into both of our Clubs to use the weights and cardio areas without booking. However we do ask that everyone adhere to social distancing rules and be courteous with fellow patrons and our Team at all times.

Are Group Fitness classes back on?

Yes they sure are, both Clubs have a Group Fitness timetable available with an array of different class types including Yoga and Pilates. Be sure to check out the latest timetable. Please note all Group Fitness classes including Yoga and Pilates are to be booked in advance.

What about creche?

Our creche service is back at both locations! Just like classes we do require bookings for creche at this point in time for all ages.

How do I book for classes?

We have a new booking system that allows each member to set up their own unique password which allows access to their member portal, please see the portal links for each location below including CrossFit;

How do I book for the creche?

To book for creche please see each Club’s Facebook page for updates. At the moment North Shore are taking online bookings and CBD requires you to PM your booking.

How do I reactivate my membership?

Now that the Clubs are open your membership will automatically be reactivated and you can enjoy getting back into a training routine. Your membership will follow the same billing cycle prior to COVID 19 closures.

I had paid in full for my membership, what happens to the lost time?

Any pre-paid unused time will be credited back to your account now that we are open.

How do I use the member portal booking system?

Select the correct URL (see above) for the location that you wish to book. A screening call gymVue will open, it will ask you to enter your email address and a password. If you have not yet set up your password, just enter your email address and click ‘forgot password’, this will take you to a different screen where you enter your password again and submit. A password reset link will be sent to your email address. Have a look at this HOW TO TUTORIAL:

I’ve followed the instructions to get access to the portal, but it doesn’t send me a reset link?

We are finding that the email address we have for members in our system is different to the one they are using to set a password. Next time you pop in ask and we can check your details and update if necessary. In the meantime shoot us a message and we can book you into your selected class manually.

I’ve set my password and have access to the portal, but the page won’t load?

Are you using a mobile device? If so it may be your internet connection. Also, we have found as the system is new and everyone is trying to access that it has been glitching. We are working with the software company to rectify these teething issues.

Can I use the Sauna and Steam room?

Unfortunately, due to Government regulations, we cannot re-open the Sauna and/or Steam Room just yet, however it’s not far away. (we cannot open the showers either)

What about the 24 hour door?

Again, Government regulations state we cannot have the 24-hour system operational at the moment, however, we will be sure to update everyone as soon as it becomes available.

Now that we are open we want to see you get back into training and revisiting your health, fitness and/or wellness goals. Our Team is here to help you, so if you’re uncertain how or where to start please reach out to us so we can offer support and guidance.

Strand Fitness FAQs To Remember:

If you feel that you require to suspend until the Stage three easing of restrictions. You can elect to suspend your membership by following this link. Remember to check your emails and follow us on social media as we are providing updates all the time as anything changes.

We love and appreciate every one of you. #weareback

See you at the gym…soon!

Yours in health

Strand Fitness Group Management

author: Donna Hartley