New Barre Tone Classes at the CBD Location

Barre Tone Classes
Barre Tone Classes – Strand Fitness

Barre Tone is a modern version of classic ballet training. Barre Tone Classes uses only lightweights in a 45-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles. In addition, it builds core strength and increases flexibility.

What is Barre Tone Workout?

Barre has origins in dancing. Furthermore, the rhythmically challenged shouldn’t worry: no tap shoes, leotards or whatever fancy footwork is needed.

The difference between Barre and A Typical Strength Training Class

You can perform short, one-inch increments, called isometric movements, instead of larger, compound movements (think of squats and shoulder presses).

Barre Tone Classes Benefits

Barre Tone’s ‘ isometric contractions help the muscle tenses without length changes. Think of these movements as the opposite of traditional force training movements (or intense and excentric contractions), which occur when a muscle stretches and shortens (as in a curl of biceps). Isometric training is a perfect way to keep muscle strength working.


Where: CBD, Group Fitness Room

When: Every Wednesday, at 6 am

Who? Everyone! It’s free for VIP members but we love seeing new faces!

How? Contact us today to claim a free session or give us a call on 4772 0002!

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Barre Tone Classes - Strand Fitness

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