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Personal Stories

TrainerEma Anderson ~ Diamond Fitness Coach

Client – Courtney

Courtney’s story

We can begin to love ourselves. WE ALL DESERVE THAT 😍😍


I’m Courtney, also known as Mum & Wifey. I have battled with depression and anxiety since well, high school. I’m now 30. So a LONG TIME after high school I used alcohol and drugs which makes depression so much worse, to the point my parents were scared they would lose me. It changed when I moved from a small country town in SA to QLD. But hit an all-time low after my first child 5 years ago. I hated myself and had bad post-natal depression. After my 2nd child 2 and a half years ago I knew I couldn’t get myself back into that state. So instead of sitting at home staring at my baby totally lonely. I got my arse to the gym every day for an hour. It got me out of the house, to socialise and to exercise. It was my hour that was purely for me, my mental health improved so much. I look back now and I don’t recognise myself. I believe fitness at any level whether it be walking the block, hitting the gym, team sport, is a huge key to improving your mental health. We can begin to love ourselves.




author: Donna Hartley