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Personal stories

TrainerNicholas Hering ~ Rise Up PT

Client – Joseph

Joseph’s story

A little progress, nuthin but up and onwards from here 💪🏼📖


  • Just out of a toxic relationship I walked in to cancel my gym membership we no care in the world. Instead of cancelling I ended up with a trainer. Nicholas Hering has helped me so much to get me both mentally and physically back on track. I couldn’t be much more appreciative showing me rights and wrongs and to gain the self-confidence I need to do gym on my own! Always having a laugh! Always there to pull the cable on the last few reps when I’m struggling – telling me one more boi, one more! I am the way I am because of my growth in state of mind and again couldn’t thank this guy enough.
  • I wish I had started gym early and concentrated on myself!
  • Anyone’s negative opinion of me means F*** all. Put yourself in my shoes and others! All through high school I wasn’t the popular kid, I was skinny a gamer freak, but I still had a big heart and smile! It’s time I flip the pages and work on self-care! I HIGHLY recommend signing up to a gym if you’re not 100%,  big or small, every session you do is one step to bigger things everyone has to start somewhere so start getting busy and active we aren’t getting any younger! Blast your beast music get your head into the game! I promise you will love the feeling of walking out feeling like a million $ And always smiling walking out I have found the gym to be my active and happy place over the last three months!

A little progress nuthin but up and onwards from here 💪🏼📖





author: Donna Hartley