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Katrina’s story

14 months ago I was the girl who suffered from anxiety every day and was always depressed.

14 months ago I was the girl who suffered from anxiety every day and was always depressed. Most days the only thing I did was get up and go to work, but even just leaving the house to go to work would be a struggle. I was always fatigued, had no motivation I didn’t want to go out and socialise. I would avoid crowds or going to friends’ houses as it would always result in me having an anxiety attack where I would start to feel physically sick. My body was so run down I swear I would have the flu every 2 months! I knew I had to change my life to change how I was feeling mentally.

The Breaking Point

Back in July 2019 my brother got married and I remember I was so sick with the flu I think I had 3 anxiety attacks that day. I woke up the next morning and said no Katrina it’s time to change and it starts today! The first 6 months I started by cutting out take-away’s, changing my food habits and even portion sizes. I walked for 45 minutes every day and slowly increased that overtime and then walking twice a day. In this time I had lost 35kg.

Six Months Later

After the first 6 months I found Amy, from Amy Hermann Fitness. I started an online training program with Amy, where I was able to learn so much more about fitness. I had never lifted weights in my life so this was a whole new learning curve for me. Then I started one on one PT sessions with Amy and my love for weight training just increased.  5 weeks ago I joined the Gym and am just loving it! What I have learnt and gained has just been amazing.

Me today!

So that brings me to today. I am now 50kg lighter and my mental health has improved 100%. I’m no longer that girl that hides away, my life is no longer riddled by anxiety attacks or not leaving the house. I have gained my life back and that I will always be grateful for. Looking after my health and fitness was one of the best things I have ever done for myself because now I can start being the best version of me. For once I feel like I have not failed at something. So thank you Strand Fitness family and Amy because you are where my life finally begun again!


Forever Thankful xx




author: Donna Hartley