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On our Main Gym Floor you’ll find a large variety of both pin loaded and traditional weight plate machines. We have an extensive range of both isolated and compound muscle targeting machines so you can get the most out of your training to reach your goals. You will also find here your bench press and smith machines. 


On the stage you will find our extensive range of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, squat racks & cable machines as well as a unique view of the other gym floors.


Do you enjoy Functional Training and really like to sweat it out? You will LOVE the basement ‘Dungeon’ with its industrial look, awesome art on the walls and a large variety of equipment. This area is also perfect for setting up your own HITT circuits, Calisthenics, completing the Strand CrossFit WOD in your own time or even doing Power or Olympic Lifting. The Dungeon is also complete with areas for mobility, stretching and rolling. 

Find out more about what the Dungeon has to offer here:

Love CrossFit? Find out more about Strand CrossFit here.


Need to relax and rewind? Good thing we have The Haven located in the Wellness Hub! Complete with our massage chairs and sleeping pods so you can relax and unwind from a massage to recover or relax, take a beat to meditate or chill out undisturbed after a hard day at work, your workout or during your lunch break! Find out more here.


In the Wellness Hub you’ll find the Haven for relaxation as well as our stunning Yoga and Pilates room. Enjoy the beautiful views of sunlight coming through our stained glass windows  while you stretch out on your own or take one of our many variations of Yoga and Pilates. We are a non-judgemental and all inclusive Yoga and Pilates studio welcoming both males and females and all experience and flexibility levels! We believe everyone benefits from doing some form of yoga or pilates to help prevent injury through increased mobility, flexibility and stabilizing muscle and core strength. Plus you will also find that your performance will improve with better form, mobility and strength. 

Check out our timetables here to see what class you will try in your routine!


When you first walk into the gym during staffed hours you will be welcomed by the good vibes of our Pavillion area. You’ll find people relaxing and recovering with our Magnesium Pool, Sauna and Steam room as well as people catching up over a coffee or bite to eat at the independently owned Pavillion Cafe. 

Little one needs some swimming lesions? We also have independent business owners such as Dawn’s Swim school who work from the magnesium pool.


On the second floor via the stairs you’ll find the cardio floor complete with a wide range of cardio machines such as both running and walking treadmills, bikes, rowers and more! There are also various floor spaces to work on a pre or post workout stretch or mobility.


Do you have little ones with energy to burn? Here at Strand Fitness, we offer a Creche service that is conveniently open during peak times: Monday – Friday 9-11.30am, Monday – Thursday 4-7.30pm and Saturday 8-11.30am. Our Creche staff will ensure that while you are getting your sweat on, the kids are keeping busy with fun activities in a safe and supervised environment. Suitable for children aged 6 weeks up to 12 years. More for the Kids here…..


Find yourself time poor, in need of some motivation or inspiration in your workout routine? Or just want to spice things up? Group Fitness is the perfect way to train where all you need to do is show up and the workout is pre-planned and the coaches will help improve form, performance and motivate you, plus they are fun and you’ll make some great friends. 

We have a large variety of different classes to suit your goals or you can do many to keep things interesting! All our classes can be tailored to any fitness level and our instructors and coaches are here to help you! Choose from a range of HIIT classes, Les Mills, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates and Aqua Aerobics nad 50+ classes across all 3 locations. 

Check out our Timetables:

CENTRAL – Group Fitness Timetable

CBD – Group Fitness Timetable

North Shore – Group Fitness Timetable

Strand Fitness CBD – 719/1 Flinders Street – TOWNSVILLE

There are incredible facilities within the building!  3 levels of fitness training areas, a large Group Fitness studio, RPM studio & a Creche. Strand Fitness CBD is also home to Townsville Yoga Hub, a Yoga & Pilates Studio who hosts various wellness classes. Let’s not forget The Haven, an indulgent space to relax, unwind and recover. Enjoy healthy smoothies and snacks in our outdoor area – provided by  The Pavillion Café. The café’s courtyard has a relaxing atmosphere and a view of our 20 metre heated magnesium lap pool. Two sauna options: a traditional Finnish Sauna and Townsvilles’ only Steam Room. This is a fantastic area to relax, have a coffee and/or meet up with friends before or after your workouts!

  • Highly recommend Strand Fitness CBD. Great facilities, friendly and well trained staff.

    Michael Haynes Avatar
    Michael H.

    I have to say it's the premier gym in Townsville. Great facilities and super friendly staff. Highly recommend!

    Joshua Thompson Avatar
    Joshua T.

    Just joined and have been blown away by how friendly the staff are. They have great facilities and a lot of extras

    Anna Foster Avatar
    Anna F.
  • I love this place! super chill vibe i can spend 3hrs here. work out sweat room then swim in the magnesium pool while sipping in a iced long black coffee ❤🙏

    Alexandra Ri Wright Avatar
    Alexandra R.

    Epic Gym.
    Staff are the nicest.
    XFF Classes are 👌🏼

    Jacqueline Coxon Avatar
    Jacqueline C.

    awesome gym. defs recommend

    Stacey Pickles Avatar
    Stacey P.