The Secret of Savasana

Have you ever thought of sneaking out of a yoga class before the final pose Savasana?
It might be tempting to leave early but read further to find out why you should stay for the last pose and most importantly why it is such an important sequence of your yoga experience.

  • Savasana relaxes your whole body.
  • It releases stress and tension.
  • Savasana gives you time to down-regulate and restores your immune system while slowing down and deepening your breath it will highlight your awareness of your current state
  • Savasana will bring the information of your active practice into our body – it takes and gives you the time to understand all the information you just received before
  • It is the ultimate release – enjoy the emptiness of that pose, the ease and go deep into breathing and the calming state of your mind t recover, recharge and come back stronger!

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The ‘corpse pose’ Savasana is considered as an important and essential pose during your yoga session. It works as a balancer and your down-regulator. Further, Savasana will stimulate your rest and digestive systems, calm you fight light responses and deeply relax you.

Do you know how to do the perfect Savasana?
Imagine lying flat on our back, keep your hands on your side. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly through the nose. Start focusing on your head to your feed and try to deliberately rest each part of your body. Ultimately you will feel the weight of your body drop and experience an amazing state of relaxation.

What do you think about Savasana?

author: Strand Fitness