Mackenzie King






Meet PT: Mackenzie King

From Next Wave Fitness

Home Base: SF North Shore

Role: Personal Trainer


Why are you passionate about the Fitness Industry?

I have been very passionate about my health and fitness from a young age. I love the fact that fitness itself has so many layers to it, not only is it just about looking your best it’s also about feeling your best and creating the most beneficial lifestyle for yourself.

I was never one to be very passionate about the gym itself, I was always more of a sports girl until I sustained a back injury that took sport away from me. Through redeveloping my strength again I found the gym to become more of my safe zone and a place I fell in love with. I am currently training to start competing in bodybuilding and love every minute of it.

My passion for fitness is the same passion I would love to pass on to all my clients to achieve their goals no matter how big or small. Let me join you on this road to a healthier life!



• Certificate III in fitness
• Certificate IV in fitness
• First Aid & CPR
• Blue Card


• Strength Training
• Fat loss
• Muscle Building
• Flexibility & Mobility