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At Strand Fitness, we run a welcoming health club where our goal is world-class facilities and service in a fun environment that supports a holistic approach to winning at your health and fitness goals. We offer a range of group fitness activities that we’re confident will support your health. Yoga and Pilates are often confused, and although similar, there are some notable differences in how the body is conditioned with these two approaches to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Our Yoga and Pilates classes offered here in Townsville are designed to strengthen and stretch your muscles and limbs, leaving you feeling flexible, strong and in control of your body and its movements. Our carefully designed Pilates classes have core fitness in mind, giving you improved strength, balance and overall wellness.
  • Our Yoga offered here in Townsville provides classes that are a perfect whole-body workout. Whatever your knowledge and experience in Yoga, we have a type for you at Strand Fitness. Allow our fitness instructors to support you in making slow, controlled movements and deep, purposeful breaths that benefit your overall mental health, well-being, and mobility while keeping your fitness routine. Including Yoga as part of your healthy balanced lifestyle can improve your all-around wellness, strength and mindfulness, leading to a healthier, happier life.
  • Looking for something a bit more intensive? Our boxing classes in Townsville can build discipline, speed and balance while allowing you to work out with friends, building your relationships and muscles simultaneously. Boxing training is second to none with its aerobic benefits. We are confident that our array of fitness classes can strengthen your body and mind.

We passionately believe in a well-rounded health and fitness approach, incorporating low-impact and wellness classes into your routine. Let us support your health and wellness goals, where you’ll meet like-minded people and participate in a fun and supportive community. We aim to scale the workout to your ability, placing you with other folks with similar fitness goals. Together we can do it.