The Wellness Hub
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Welcome to The Wellness Hub

Upstairs at Strand Fitness CBD and Strand Fitness North Shore, you’ll find our Wellness Hubs. Each Wellness Hub has its own personality and offerings to help you chill out, relax and focus on your wellness.


At CBD Wellness Hub, you’ll find our Yoga and Pilates Studio offering a variety of classes throughout the week! PLUS you’ll find just outside The Haven!

Want to stretch out in your own time? As a VIP member not only do you get access to the Wellness Hub classes, but you also get access to this space and The Haven massage chairs during staffed hours!

At SF North Shore Wellness Hub, you can enjoy the Stretch class.
Elevate your fitness journey with our Mobility/Flexibility class, a dynamic experience offering a range of benefits. Designed to promote posture, joint well-being, and stress alleviation through functional movement mastery, making daily activities feel more natural. Enhance flexibility, reduce injury risk, and optimise athletic performance with this Stretch Class. Class available at North Shore to VIP membership holders.

Want to  really Zen out? At the North Shore Wellness Hub you can find The Haven upstairs, where you relax and unwind in the massage chairs.