How was your 2022?

As most of us have some down time over the holiday period and new years approaches, it can be a good time to reflect on the year that has passed. Not only to acknowledge all the growth you’ve seen, but also to help you work towards an everyday life that you enjoy!

Specifically, were there any areas you felt like you needed a break from, that drained you or that didn’t support your goals, or the life you are trying to create? In turn, it is also a good time to think about what areas you really enjoyed, or wished you had more time for. 

Creating an everyday life you enjoy will look different every season as we are forever changing. To keep things interesting and supporting your bigger goals, it’s good to reflect on where you spend your time, what you’re getting enjoyment from and what drains you. 


Create some excitement for a better you!:

Do you want to learn any new skills, try something out of your comfort zone? This could be as simple as trying a new class or training style, or even making it a point to practice your recovery and mobility days regularly. 

Want to checkout some of the classes we offer to see what you can add into your routine? Check them out here!

Check in with how you’ve felt this year:

Have you been feeling burnt out a little more than you should? Or in need of some self care days? Even dreaming of holidays to escape your everyday life? Here are some aspects of your everyday life to consider reflecting on:


Are you feeling tired all the time or more than you probably should?

We all know how important sleep is, not only does it help us focus better and have more energy throughout the day, but it also is vital to recovery – with melatonin being one of the most important recovery hormones. Not only will it help you recover from workouts, improving flexibility and strength, but it also improves your immune system, hormone levels and regulation. 


Wondering how you can improve your sleep?

  • Are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep as a male or 8-10 as a female?
  • Are you getting enough sunlight to produce melatonin for a restful night’s sleep?
  • Are you stressed for prolonged periods of time? 
  • Are you introducing healthy stress into your life (Elevated heart rate from e.g. H.I.I.T training like our SF Group Training or CrossFit classes, Ice Baths like in our Oasis: Fire & Ice, High Intensity Cardio)


Did you feel regularly mentally stressed?

Prolonged stress can have serious impacts on the body, with impacts on your brain health, immune system, and it can also increase your risk of diseases, depression and anxiety. If you felt mentally stressed a lot this year, you might consider incorporating some H.I.I.T training to boost your endorphins to deal with stress, some low impact exercise to help reduce your cortisol and even introducing healthy stress such as ice baths and saunas to help your body train to better deal with stress when it comes up. 


Wanting to add some H.I.I.T training? Try our SF Group Training, Box or CrossFit Classes to get your heart rate up!

Wanting some low impact classes, try our Yoga, Pilates or Stretch classes

Wanting to work on introducing your healthy stress with heat therapy? Try out the Oasis: Fire & Ice at SF Central or our Sauna and Steam room at SF CBD!


Did you feel physically comfortable in your body?

How did you feel physically in your body this year? Were you ‘twiggy’,  did you take a little longer to recover than you would have liked? Did you get the depth in your movements and the range of movement that you hoped for? Did you feel strong enough to perform your everyday activities or goals? We could go on and on!

Its a good time to reflect where we didn’t quite hit the mark so that we know where we can focus more on to keep our engine running at its best! Just like we get our car serviced, we need to check in with our bodies.

If you felt like your mobility or recovery wasn’t quite where you wanted it to be, you should consider introducing more recovery and mobility sessions, whether that’s with thermal therapy (Oasis Fire & Ice or CBD Pavillion), active recovery like swimming in our 2 Magnesium Pools (at SF CBD and SF Central), taking a low impact class like stretch yoga or pilates, working on stretching and strengthening your stabilising muscles & core. 

Maybe you need to incorporate more strength, or maybe you need to improve your cardio to better perform everyday activities, the list could be endless! Lucky you have the Health Club with it ALL to support all your goals, and create the perfect health and fitness routine for you and whatever this season looks like!

We can’t wait to see you in the gym to hear what goals are, and help you work towards them in 2023!

author: Marketing Strand